One of the most important things that we can do is to let people suffering know that they are not alone. Apart we can do so little – as a community, we can do so much. Together we can, and we will, save lives.” – Akathisia Alliance for Suicide Prevention


Each year, the Akathisia Alliance for Suicide Prevention serves thousands of individuals who are fighting for their life.

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Spreading awareness and being educated is the most crucial part of Suicide Prevention with Akathisia.


  • Consider purchasing a t-shirt from our Akathisia Apparel shop. This is a great way to get the word out about Akathisia, as so many individuals have never heard of it. You may find our Akathisia Apparel shop here:
  • Consider passing out our “What is Akathisia?” pamphlets in your community (to medical professionals, EMT/Firefighters/Police/Community Centers, etc.). You can download a PDF pamphlet here: 
  • For Suicide Prevention PDF Brochure, please download here: 
  • Consider doing a fundraiser. This is a great way to spread awareness of Akathisia via social media. You can do a fundraiser on Facebook by going to our Facebook page and clicking on “Raise Money” under our Featured title:
  • Volunteer – Donating your time and talent is a great way to make a difference. Consider becoming an Akathisia Advocate. Show your support by displaying our Akathisia Advocate badge on your social media sites. Download your Akathisia Advocate badge here: :
  • Start using the hashtag #theymatter as you spread awareness of Akathisia. 

FOLLOW THE PEA - (P) Prevention (E) Education (A) Awareness and Advocacy

PREVENTION begins with:


To better prevent Akathisia induced Suicides, one needs to understand Akathisia. The Akathisia Alliance strives daily to educate and research medication – induced Akathisia / Suicides. We have complied our years of research via our website and social platforms. Please, educate yourselves by utilizing our website to end medication – induced Akathisia.


Once an individual understands Akathisia, it is then easier to spread awareness and advocate for those who are suffering with the condition. This is a very crucial step in suicide prevention, as many individuals with Akathisia are misunderstood. 

Akathisia - Induced Suicides

The following videos may be disturbing to some viewers. If you are experiencing Akathisia, please leave this page now and dial 988.


These videos are very disturbing and contain graphic, disturbing details of what an individual with Akathisia experiences.

These videos are for Akathisia Advocates to watch and gain education on Akathisia.