What is akathisia?

Akathisia is an extremely distressing neurological disorder most often characterized by severe agitation, an inability to remain still, and an overwhelming sense of terror. It primarily occurs as a medication side effect or withdrawal syndrome. People with this condition can quickly become suicidal. Akathisia is far more common than has been reported in the past and remains dangerously under-diagnosed and under-reported today.1

Please watch this 1-minute video to better understand why it is important for everyone to learn about akathisia today.

For more information about akathisia – A public service announcement


Who are we?

The “Akathisia Alliance for Education and Research” is a nonprofit organization formed by people who have experienced it. Our group includes biochemists, psychologists, nurses, attorneys, business owners, and others who have survived akathisia, suicidality, and devastating personal losses due, in part, to a lack of awareness by medical professionals. We have come together from all walks of life to battle these things we all have in common, so we can help prevent them from happening to others.

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