We are glad you’ve found our website and will do our best to help you get through the nightmare of akathisia. The Alliance founders have also experienced it and understand how horrific it is. 

We regret that we cannot advise you regarding medications or supplements, and we cannot provide one-on-one support at this time. We will, however, do our best to help you get an akathisia diagnosis and prevent you from being involuntarily hospitalized, force-drugged, and/or abandoned by family and friends. We are also working to educate your doctors and family members so they will understand how they can help you. If funding permits, we will provide you with materials such as medical alert bracelets to help keep you safe.

Please see the “Resources” section for a list of support groups and websites for further information, such as medication-tapering advice.

A Comprehensive Guide for your doctor

Contains general information about akathisia and additional content specifically for clinicians –

Communicating with your family

We highly recommend that you ask your friends and family to visit our website and watch our “This is Akathisia” video. It is posted in the For Family and Friends” section. It will help them understand what you’re going through and their role in your recovery. The information in this section will also help them understand that the changes they’ve witnessed in your behavior and personality are stereotypical of akathisia. 

Getting a diagnosis

If you are currently having difficulty getting your doctor to diagnose akathisia, we recommend that you ask them to visit our website. The “For Clinicians” section emphasizes the importance of recognizing and diagnosing akathisia and provides tips to help them do so. It additionally illustrates the damage that can be caused by their failure to diagnose it.

We will provide additional tips to help you get an accurate diagnosis at a later date.

You are not alone

Our hearts go out to all of you suffering as we did. Although some of you may have temporarily lost the support of your family and friends, please know that you are not alone.

Pamphlet - "What is Akathisia?"

Please feel free to print, translate, and distribute as needed.

Best quality for professional printing (PDF - CMYK).